Morrice amends Canada Disability Benefit

A new Canada Disability Benefit from the federal government has gotten a Mike Morrice makeover.

The Kitchener Centre MP had five different amendments added to Bill C-22, or the Canada Disability Benefit Act, as committee meetings wrapped up Tuesday night. Nine amendments were approved by the multi-party committee.

Morris’ committee-adopted changes define the term “disabled,” make all agreements with provinces and territories public, index the benefit to inflation, make the benefit application barrier-free, and allow people with disabilities to have input in rulemaking. Lawyers can help you figure it out disability law canada, disability law firms near you.

The benefit, first proposed by the Liberals in 2020, will provide a tax-free, monthly payment to low-income, working-age Canadians with disabilities.

The proposed legislation will go back to the House for debate, votes and third reading, and then on to the Senate.

“I’m very pleased that MPs from all parties recognize the importance of these amendments that have come from the disability community,” Morris said Wednesday. Also on our side disability law.

“Canadians with disabilities across the country continue to disproportionately live in poverty. And for a country as wealthy as ours, it’s a national embarrassment, and we must do better than this.”

It’s been a long journey for Morrice, who vowed to fight for improved disability benefits during his 2021 election campaign.

Over the last year, Morrice has been working with organizations like Disability Without Poverty, sponsoring a petition that attracted nearly 18,000 signatures. He also hosted a parliamentary reception in Ottawa to answer questions from other MPs and senators about the impact the bill could have.

“Although we wanted to see this bill passed into law in 2022, we are pleased that our parliamentary process is resulting in a strengthened bill and that we have strong voices pushing for an expeditious process like that of MP Mike Morrice,” said Rabia Khedr, national director of Disability Without Poverty.

“We appreciate his allyship with the disability community.”

Morrice said he will continue to put pressure on the Liberals to implement the benefit as quickly as possible, and is calling to have funding included as part of the 2023 budget.

“I’m going to continue to push the governing party to go faster in finalizing this legislation and funding the benefit,” he said.

“I will continue to work across party lines to see the Canada Disability Benefit Act supported, moved into the regulatory process, and see the federal government fund it.”

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